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Fountains : 

Big Balls - Product Image

Big Balls

Shots of vivid, gold, red, blue, green and purple molten balls. Has good height for a molten ball fountain and a long duration for it's size. Beautiful !
Price: $9.00 

Crystal Geyser / 500 Gram   - Product Image

Crystal Geyser / 500 Gram

Huge long lasting fountain with a multitude of colors effects and sounds
Price: $21.00 

Old American Assortmrnt 4 pieces  - Product Image

Old American Assortmrnt 4 pieces

A pack of 4 different fountains each with different colors and effects.
Price: $7.50 

Blue Ice   - Product Image

Blue Ice

Beatiful gold drops and bright true blue color stars. Long lasting for size and good height
Price: $4.25 

Spicy Fountain  - Product Image

Spicy Fountain

The name says it all. A very lively and red hot fountain. An intersting octagon shape with red, blue, gold and white colors with alternating whistles. Lots of action and good height and spread
Price: $6.00 

Above and Beyond   - Product Image

Above and Beyond

A very nice medium sized fountain with lots of effects. Silver, green,and yellow flitter. Flickering gold strobe and popping crackle
Price: $8.25 

Tap Out   - Product Image

Tap Out

A long duration medium sized fountain. Has multi colors with several types of crackling pearls. Good height and spread
Price: $8.00 

Enchantress  - Product Image


A beautiful and very colorful fountain. Fairly soft and quiet with massive amounts of gold flitter and gold strobe mixed with multi colors. Good height
Price: $13.50 

Show Girls   - Product Image

Show Girls

A spectacular fan shaped fountain shooting it's effects and colors high, filling the sky with colors and showers of gold sparks
Price: $10.50 

Numero Uno   - Product Image

Numero Uno

WOW1 One of the best new fountains in years. Stobing silver stars with mixed vivid colors. Ends with an intense finale barrage. Very high shooting and exciting
Price: $23.00 

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