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Cakes 500 gram : 
Mean Green Machine 25 shots - Product Image
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Mean Green Machine 25 shots

Beautiful gold tails with bleeding green glitter stars while rising. Sliver crackling breaks with lime green falling leaves. Giant drooping gold willow breaks with shinny strobing green stars mixed in. A stunning array of colors and effects
Price: $32.00 

Pirates Treasure 9 shot - Product Image
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Pirates Treasure 9 shot

3" tubes with enormous loud breaks. Brocade crowns with multi colored tips. Ends with a red, green and blue ring finale
Price: $62.00 


Sky Blast 25 shot OUT OF STOCK

Nice angled cake with many varied colors and effect. Shoots volleys of 5. Starts with gold and silver glitter mines topped with red and blue peonies. Moves to volleys of silver and gold fish mixed with crackling flowers. EndS with a beautiful finale of Brocade Crowns
Price: $44.00 


Battlefront 12 shots

Great new item with large 2.5" shots of spectacular red, green, yellow and silver waves of brilliant colors. Huge break size and good sound. Ends with 3 shot finale that fills the sky !
Price: $55.00 


Dynasty 18 shots OUT OF STOCK

Beautiful golden drooping brocade crowns with twinkling multi colored glittering tips. Alternates with colorful mixed dahlias breaks. Very pretty
Price: $36.00 


Vegas Lights 25 shots OUT OF STOCK

Layered effects of golden crackling mines with nice breaks of red, blue, lemon and green over the top. Also has alternating silver crackle ending to color breaks. Lots of action and color provides a curtain of color and lights
Price: $44.00 


Metropolis 61 shot

Nice new medium sized stepper cake. effects angle fired in rapid succession. A pretty mixture of crackling tails, multi color stars and mines
Price: $26.00 


La Dolce Vita 22 shots

Starts with a barrage of three large peonies. Next is an intense mix of palms and brocades. Ends with a finale of three huge Brocade Crowns. Awesome new cake
Price: $39.00 


Mardi Gras Fiesta 30 shots NEW 2012

Huge high shooting silver crackling mines with bright multi colored Dahliia breaks over the top, beautiful colors, 5 shot finale
Price: $38.00 


Pure Awesomeness 49 shots NEW 2012

Stepper cake effects. Patriotic red, white and blue mines with load crackling stars. multi colored Peonies over the top of the mines. Intense 7 shot finale
Price: $41.00 

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