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Cakes 500 gram : 

Liberty Show 9 shot

Red, white and blue tails to large RWB peony breaks with stobing pistils. Very patriotic
Price: $59.00 


4th of July Blast 25 shots

Beautiful silvery white comets with alternating red and blue mines. long lasting Very patriotic
Price: $48.00 


Dragon Slayer 75 shots OUT OF STOCK

Beautiful combination of effects. Angle firing effects of colored glittering on both sides with brocades, palms and chrysanthemums in the middle. Fills the sky !
Price: $40.00 

Golden Crown 30 shots - Product Image
Click for larger image

Golden Crown 30 shots

Large, beautiful, glittering golden breaks that weep down creating a soft effect that that fills the sky and hangs for several seconds ,500 grams
Price: $34.00 

High Stepper 225 shots - Product Image
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High Stepper 225 shots

A huge cake ! It has 220 sequential angled shots [ stepper effect ]. Intense changing comets ending with a barrage of crackle. A dramatic and spectacular item
Price: $76.00 

Independence Spirit 45 shot - Product Image
Click for larger image

Independence Spirit 45 shot

Another beautiful three tier layered effect cake.Crackling mines with multi colored bouquets, Red tail; to crackling breaks on top. with angled firing.
Price: $37.00 

Assault Team 33 shots - Product Image
Click for larger image

Assault Team 33 shots

Huge multi breaks with beautiful multi-colored Crackling Palms and a very unique effect of Falling Leaves of different colors
Price: $38.00 

Fantail Fantastico 45 shot OUT OF STOCK - Product Image
Click for larger image

Fantail Fantastico 45 shot OUT OF STOCK

Layers of effects simultaneously that fill the sky with color.Silver crackling mines,Red and white gliter, topped with large bursts of yellow bouquets and brocade crowns to crackling
Price: $44.00 

Gold Dust 49 shots - Product Image
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Gold Dust 49 shots

Beautiful, soft, floating, glittering gold dust mines shot in a fan shaped sequential effect [ stepper ]. This piece really creates a wall of gold. Very nice shot together with color breaks over the top
Price: $39.00 


Duel Wielding 9 shots

Our new double break 500 gram cake. A great mix of double breaking multi colored peonies with palm tree pistils. Large break size and good height
Price: $54.00 

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