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Cakes 500 gram : 
Badlands 9 shot - Product Image
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Badlands 9 shot

3" tubes with absolutely enormous breaks. Silver tails to an assortment of Chrysanthemums and Brocade Crowns. Nice color variety
Price: $62.00 


Twisted Pyro 13 shots

Multi colored mines shooting out loud unusual sounding color spinners called hummers. Ending with a huge crackling display. Sound effects are fantastic !
Price: $57.00 


Pyros Pleasure 36 shots

A real show stopper. Many effects. Multi color and silver glittering peony breaks. Ending with a dramatic mine and falling leaves finale
Price: $39.00 


Area 51 Invaders 14 shots

One spectacular cake. Blue tails to red with white flash chrysanthemums. Ends with an exciting flight of 3 screaming UFO saucers that end with a color break
Price: $84.00 


Residence Nuisance 25 shots

Very unusual 3 stage howling whistles with intemitent red, green and blue stars with intense crackling
Price: $35.00 


Maniac 39 shots

A great muti angled cake shooting out effects in all directions. Fills the sky well. Color tails to color breaks with barrages of crackling willows throuhout
Price: $45.00 


Catch Falling Stars 30 shots

Intense volleys of red, blue and green falling stars. Really fills the sky with soft colorful long lasting effects
Price: $34.00 


Color of USA 230 shots

Huge angled cake firing in a unique circular motion. Multi colored comets change with each barrage of quick firing 5 shots. Has an intense gold crackling finale
Price: $52.00 


Extraordinary 28 shots

iIts name says it all. Colored strobe breaks, flying colored fish, big gold brocades, reports and ring shells. This item has it all
Price: $44.00 


Fully Loaded 9 shots

Large 3" shot with finale
Price: $66.00 

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